That being said, a new year is upon us, and, like any sports fan we’re getting ready to close out this NFL season, while the NHL and NBA seasons ramp up. So what do you have planned? What are your sports resolutions? Well, here’s our top 5:

The memes for the Saints vs. Cowboys game are hilarious!


Hey sports fam! It’s another week in the NFL and

  1. Create a sports “bucket list”-  Think about the sporting events that you wanted to attend but have not yet. Put it on your list and try to make it happen!
  2. GO to one of the events on your sports “bucket list”– Now that you’ve mad the list–make REAL plans to get to one. Estimate the costs, make a budget and then plan accordingly. You’ll create memories to last a lifetime. 
  3. Try a new sport – Maybe you never really got into baseball or checked out the MLS team in your city, but what could it hurt by checking it out? You’ll get a new experience and create lasting memories. Hey, you just might like it!
  4. Learn a new sport – Many sports fans actually enjoy sports leisurely, so try it out. Get to the golf course, tennis court or try running. Hey, just about every city has community softball and kickball teams. It’s a great way to meet people, stay active and add something new to your life. 
  5. Make sports work in your life – Too often sports is the thing that separates families and steals precious time. Make it work. Schedule events that include your family and friends. Go to a tailgate. Host a viewing party. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the game, a gathering of people you love is always a good time.

It’s a blessing to be able to count yourself among the living so far this year. Life is too short to live without sports, so let your resolutions reflect it. You’re going to live your best sports life in 2019.


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