Jersey Girls, the NFL season is here and it’s important that your football wardrobe represents the true, fabulous Jersey Girl that you are.

Gone are the days where you have to wear your boyfriend’s or husband’s bulky, large jersey, or unflattering jeans, sweatshirts and shoes. You’ve got jerseys, t-shirts and gear just for you: fun, flirty, sporty AND sexy. YES you can be sporty and sexy.

Jersey Girl Sports is always on the lookout for sports fashion and this NFL season we’ve come up with your football fashion must-haves to get you through the season:

1.  Jersey Girl Sport t-shirt: Well, this one is easy. You’re a jersey girl and you must-have a shirt that says so. When your team isn’t playing or you just want to stand out in a fun way, this shirt reminds the crowd of the type of woman you are– 

Jersey Girl (n.) A woman who enjoys a game as much as any man–just with better shoes.

***We have re-vamped our t-shirts. Stay tuned!

2. Cute, sexy jeans—This “seems” easy enough, but it can be tricky. We all have our favorite jeans, but you want to make sure your jeans are flattering and comfortable. (For the most part, skinny jeans are for skinny women. Just saying….) PZI Jeans are our favorite because they satisfy, enahnce and compliment a woman’s curves no matter what her body type. 

3. Sporty, sexy jerseys: The NFL, the clear leader in sports fashion, has revamped its apparel line to appeal to its female fans which account for almost half of its fan base. A campaign called “It’s My Team”  features 20 women with various lifestyles and backgrounds wearing NFL and designer apparel. The former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the socialite and jewelry designer Melania Trump, and the women’s tennis champion Serena Williams are amongs the women in the add. This campaign reminds us that there’s no excuse for poor fashion during the NFL season.

4.  The Shoe Game: Ladies, this is important. There is always debate about if a woman should wear heels to the game. While she can, we say leave the 6-inch heels for the sports bar and rock a cute wedge or boots to the game. There’s nothing wrong with a cute pair of flats or shoes with a low heel. If you’re going to be out all day for tailgating and celebration, a pair of flats may be just what the doctor ordered. (Just make sure they have arch support)

5.  Accessorize — We all know that the right handbag, jewelry or belt can take an outfit to the next level. Accessories ARE necessary and no matter if you are conservative or air on the side of the trendy flair, accessories are the thing that remind the men you’re a Jersey Girl.

Ladies whatever your football statement, say it in style. These must-haves will keep you fabulous during the NFL season.

Are you ready for some football?

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