World Cup 2022

As the world waits for the biggest sports event which is the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar, to begin there has also been some whispering going around between the fans and the media. Is the 2022 world cup Messi and Ronaldo’s last world cup? 

Very recently Messi and Ronaldo both have proven to the fans and the football fraternity that age is nothing but a number. Messi, who is of 34 years of age had scored all the five goals leading Argentina to win 5-0 against Estonia. This has made him the fourth on the list of all-time international goal scorers. Messi has now 86 goals to his credit. Even Ronaldo, who is now 37 years old, had scored twice in Portugal’s 4-0 win against Lisbon. Ronaldo has 117 international goals to his credit. 

It is almost certain that Messi and Ronald shall be playing their last world cup in Qatar. But indeed, they shall be flying there with a much higher objective and ambition. Both Messi and Ronald who have given so much to this great game shall be determined to have a world cup win that has been missing in their already stellar careers of theirs. Both these legends of the game have already inspired their national teams into winning continental titles. Now they shall be giving it one last shot at earning the world cup for their country. They are aware that their team has every potential to out beat the favorites and be the champion in Qatar. 

It is undoubtedly a fact that like many other veterans of the game, Messi and Ronaldo too shall be looking forward to closing their last world cup appearance in a spectacular way. Time and again they have delivered at their greatest potential and shall be wanting to do that too at Qatar. These days, not only are the younger generation of footballers but also players having the age of Messi and Ronaldo are showing a great performance in the game even after reaching more than 30 years of age. They are showing an ultra-level of fitness, professionalism, and dedication so that they can sustain in the list and may go beyond the finishing line. They are doing so for the sake of their fans who had supported them all throughout their career.  

If you go ahead and check with the records you shall find that Pele was 29 when he played his last world cup in Mexico in 1970. Maradona closed the game at 34 in the USA in 1994. Zinedine Zidane was 34 as well when he had played the last world cup in Germany in the year 2006. Brazilian striker Ronaldo had played his last world cup too at the age of 29. Compared to them, indeed Messi and Ronaldo had gone much beyond the road than the mentioned legends of the game. So, this time at Qatar which shall be their last world cup appearance, they are looking forward to closing the chapter with a world cup win and to making a memorable impact as well.  

There has already been some great newer generation of footballers such as Kylian Mbappe of France, Vinicius Junior of Brazil, Pedri from Spain, Phil Foden from England, and Erling Haaland from Norway. These players had already been shining stars and are expected to dominate the club games. They might even put up a good show in the world cup as well. But indeed, the older ones have made it clear that they are not yet ready to call it off. They are looking forward to making something memorable in their last world cup appearance in Qatar. Now it remains yet to be seen how they put the seal and leave a legacy behind their name.  

This surely shall be an emotional send-off to both these legends as they had dominated an era of a heated rivalry. They both had scored more than a thousand goals. These two longest-serving players had indeed won many accolades and hearts all throughout their careers. They had earned themselves in their own right the title of being legends by millions of fans all over the world.