About Us

Jersey Girl Sports was conceived out of the love Angela Davis and Marcelle English have for sports. The competitive energy, the excitement from watching each play, and the anticipation of the moment where the dynamics of the game can change in a second are the principles through which Jersey Girl Sports was born. Jersey Girl Sports is a lifestyle brand for female sports fans. We create an experience where a woman can find her place and add value within her favorite sport. We understand that for women, sports encompasses a lifestyle. This includes everything from understanding the game to what women wear to a game, and we present a platform where women can get sports on their terms.

Additionally we educate, inform and entertain women who enjoy sports. Jersey Girl Sports understands the power and influence that women have in sports and thus creates opportunities to capitalize on the strengths and value they bring to the industry.


Launched in the Fall of 2009, we utilize the power of the internet to bring Jersey Girl Sports to millions of female sports fans around the world. Our interactive website will provide up-to-date sports news and information. In addition, female fans will be able to blog, chat, participate in online polls and watch Jersey Girl TV—an online sports info-tainment show that will include in-depth stories, interviews and industry analysis from a FEMALE perspective!


  • Women represent 51% of the population; they have greater spending power than men and women have had the fastest growing personal spending power over the past decade. (Source: Women.com Networks, Harris Interactive and Proctor & Gamble)
  • Over 60% of women watched sports regularly vs. 42% who watched soap operas regularly. Women watch more sports than soap operas!(Source: BigResearch Media Study)
  • Over 98.7 million Americans watched the Super Bowl—the most watched ever in Super Bowl history. Female viewership increased 2%, continuing a trend that has lasted each of the last six Super Bowls. (Source: Nielsen)
  • The number of female unique visitors at work to sports-related web sites grew 37%, compared with the same period in 2007, outpacing the percent increase in male visitors by 76%. (Source: Nielsen Online).